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Bite aftermath

So I got bitten by a Pit bull about a week and a half ago. good news it's 95% healed up. there is still a slight bruse and a mark but that'll clear up no biggy.

I returned last week and got a new volunteer shirt since my old one has found religion (has holes / torn). My superior, we'll call her May, told me I need to start from the beginning and start off with small dogs. I have no problem with that. I worked with all small dogs and with one other volunteer's help I worked with 2 G-Shep's I know there who was a good boys, but my confidence was a tad shakey. not too bad but next day I took a gamble.

Next day (last Thursday) I go there and I work with some small dogs and it was alright. my Gamble came when I really wanted to walk the 2 G-shep's to regain some confidence in my ability to work with bigger dogs again, I admit I was nervouse but I'm a guy who when presented with my fears I either tackle em or do nothing. I didn't want to do nothing, so I unlocked his kennel, got the leash on him with no difficulty, and led him to the grass. and he behaved nicely. it was not only easy taking him there and back into his kennel but I had fun! even the second G-shep who was slightly smaller and younger was patient with me and understood I had a confidence issue and didn't leave my side or give me fuss. he was understanding and wanting to show me he was a good dog.

here's where my Rant kicks in.

I walked one other dog who weighed less then the two G-sheps but at the same time was excited with pup energy. which I could handle after a walk and a few rounds of fetch. May caught me and told me to put the dog up. we put the dog up because it love to try to escape when you put him up and she gave me a stern talking too saying she gave me explicit instructions to only work with small dogs. and said I'm officially out of warnings as a volunteer. she also explained safety and other things ect. I didn't say anything because I was too jumbled brain at the time to speak my own mind.

First off I get her point on safety. it's not just my safety it's everyone else's over there. and she has to worry about the shelter staff and volunteers safety every day. I get that.

but at the same time when she lectured me, she was acting like she got bit also. and she didn't. that Pit Bull was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, it could have easily bit any of the other volunteer's or staff. GRANTED not all pit bull's are bad, I know I've seen and worked with a lot of the sweetest Pit's I've ever met and they didn't try to bite me or lunge at me. most they'd do is stand on there hind legs with there front paws on your chest with a derpy look as there way of saying "Hi! Nice to meet you!" or give you a big SLUUURRPP on the face. This pit bull that attacked me was nothing like the sweethearts I know, and like I said could have easily attacked May, or JP (another volunteer I know). but it bit me. and that dog is going Nighty Night forever because of it.

Secondly I got no problem working with dogs of all sizes. Shiiit I got a small dog named Flash who is a chihuahua/dachshund mix and is my main amigo! but how can I face my own fear of handling a big dog without being bit just by working with the smaller ones?

telling me I can only work with just small dogs after I got bit by a big dog sounds more like someone being an over protective parent. small dogs bite too! not all of them are cute lil Muffin tops. I've seen Flash go from being cute to killing rats with extreme prejudice. again I was the victim of the bite, not them. I handled the dog fairly well in my opinion. even my aunt who raises and trains pure bred police German sheppards said I did really really well in the situation.

I may have done well and avoided further and worse damage and kept the dog at bay. but like I said my confidence was shaken a bit and like I said I need to rebuild that, and shielding me from bigger dogs and pointing me to just smaller dogs DOESN'T HELP! again I love all dogs, but saying Small dogs only is really a blow to the confidence and selfestem. I'd confront May about all this but I'm already on a thin rope because of what happened on Thursday, and I really don't want to loose my volunteer job, It's the best part of my week and I have fun there with the cats and the dogs! I don't want to loose that!

*rant over*


Future travle plans..holy crap....

Travel plans for the next year are set in stone for me.

Next weekend I'll be in Reno, NV for Biggest little fur con...I really hope they go back to May instead of March next year.

4th of July Weekend I'm going to Pittsburgh For Anthrocon! I got a friend covering the hotel costs, wich is the most expensive part, I just gotta book a flight, register for the con and show up. I may chip in for the hotel room too because I'm nice that way. :). i'm mostly looking forward to meting some good friends I know in person. we chat online mostly nonstop over Skype video chat, and I can't wait to see them in person.

September I'm gonna be going to Rainfurrest up in not so sunny Seattle, but maybe I'll bring some California sun for my "Seattlelite" Friends

January 2015 of course I'm going back to San Jose, CA for Further Confusion 2015

now the real biggy....Bout a year or so from now, I'm gonna be heading to Orlando Florida to visit some of my friends and spend a week with them before we Venture to Atlanta for Furry Weekend Atlanta! I'm willingly being dragged to this one by another friend who has me by the tail so, just picture me as a fox being dragged by my tail on my back willingy with a huge smile on my face.

plans may change but at least over 3/4 of these are confirmed.

Late November/ Mid December Updates.

I didn't want to do a journal about November because not a lot happened. up until thanksgiving-ish.

skipping past the 3 almost uneventful weeks of November, The last week of November I was assigned House sitting duties while my sister and brother in law went to PA for Thanksgiving. 2 days into it and OMG! her cats kept me up most of the night playing super highway chasers through the house.

Thanksgiving went off with out a hitch! the food was great, and I almost kicked my mom and aunts butt in Rummy. After dropping my aunt off I went to Walmart for black Friday, and after 5 mins I left and returned to my sisters place to hide. Black Friday, my mom and I got trapped at Lowes after the car wouldn't start!

That a looming property taxes plus a broken down car it was almost a Christmas tragedy, but we got by ok thanks to the VA not taking money out for my dads meds. but I had to cancel my house sitting job due to the fucking car. after that I did Christmas shopping and mailed out some Christmas cards.

me and my mom went up and visited my aunt to give her some stuff and get some stuff. we stopped by Home Depot and while looking at Orchids, I found a dead hummingbird in one of the orchids. It broke my heart a lil bit, lil thing froze and probably starved to death. :( but I bought the Orchid for my aunt.

Went to the Stroll on Plumas street and saw my old friend Brian and we hung out caught up and got some laughs. found out some fun stuff too I'll keep quiet about.

That's about it for now....Hope everyone has a merry Christmas I'll see you in 2014 or sooner.

October Report and Jurry Duty.

So yeah October was a pretty eventful month. I'll get to why I'm writing this now in a moment, but I figured I'd tell you the grueling story of Jury Duty.

I was due to be in October 1st, so me going to RF and Salem to visit my BF would be a no go. However when I called in I got bumped to another Jury selection date on the 3rd. So the third rolls around, I go up to the court room and I spend all day in the waiting pool as the interview potential jurors. I wind up having an extreme ADHD attack where I was squirming in my chair and wishing I had rope and a pick axe so I can climb the walls. Next day I go in and I get called up finally. I tried getting out because of my parents and me taking care of them, but the Judge didn't let me go. by lunch we had our jurors and we began.

Here's the story. Supposedly a Latin American Roman Catholic Priest molested a 17 year old girl. I'm already thinking guilty as most probably would, but here is the thing. The Charges were brought on by an "Unwanted Kiss". this guys from Columbia knows very little English,(seriously he didn't know nearly enough) and comes to Lodi, CA to do some work for the church. and gets invited to a families house to do a "house blessing" ceremony. Now as I understood it, and from what I heard, Priests down there are not only preachers, but are also sometimes called upon to be counselors for a family or children. and this guy noticed this girl wasn't getting along well with his family, and she was also ashamed of being "Over weight". So he did what he was trained to do in offer guidance. he talked to her alone and wrote out some helpful tips to help her loose weight and get along better with her parents. he was also a little tipsy from having some wine. After talking to her he gave her a kiss, not on the lips but apparently too close. otherwise there wouldn't be a trial to begin with. next day house blessing, they drive him back, and the truth gets out about him.

Here's my understanding of all this mess. Like I said Latin American Priests do double duty in that part of the world as counselors for the family. was it wrong to talk to her without her parents their. yeah. was it wrong to kiss her? yes and no. My understanding and everyone else's was the kiss was supposed to be a kiss from a preacher which is there way of passing on gods blessings onto them. and the girl in question was not aware of this, but again yeah it was a woops moment that left her feeling uncomfortable. Also. the guys lack of English didn't help him with the cops interrogation. he referred to her as "Tender" which to anyone would raise an alarm, including me. However, I believe what he meant to say was "Sensitive". which happens to be a synonym for "tender", but his lack of not knowing a lot of English didn't offer him to say the right word and, landed him in deeper water they didn't even have a good translator for him during the police interrogations.

The case lasted a whole week. Monday-Wednesday was boring. Thursday I forgave the judge a bit because he brought Doughnuts for everyone! And Friday we were sent into deliberations, and I was named Jury Foremen. we combed through the evidence and came to a similar conclusions as above and I signed the paper that found him NOT GUILTY! after we were free I stayed behind surprisingly and talked with the judge who figured we'd find him not guilty. I found out he was also my sisters, best friends Father. and we talked to the defendant and his family and his attorney. we discuss that we combed through all the evidence with an electron microscope and a fine toothpick and couldn't find anything concrete to find him guilty of the charges. and I mentioned yeah there were times both attorneys acted almost a little crazy,(Which for them is a compliment) and that got a laugh. then it was over and we left. it was hellish but fun.

the rest of October flew by and I did get paid $75 for Jury service. I used it to buy my costume, a few small things and a plant for my mom and one for me. and Halloween was great I went as a witch and I Looked fabulous!

Now that it's November I'm focused on the next 4 things; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years and Further Confusion in January!

End of September Journal

Not a lot happened honestly.

I started paying rent again. When my mom Broke her ankle last November I took over her day to day responsibilities around the house, including Grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, dishes, ect. and in exchange I didn't have to pay rent till after August. well it's after August and I'm back on paying rent again.

I was going to try to make it up to Rainfurrest up in Seattle, but after close consideration, and the fact I'm going to FC and FWA next year, I canceled going to RF and MWFF sadly.

My con line up next year so far consists of FC, FWA, BLFC, Possibly AC, and Furry Migration. I'm gonna skip RMFC next year becaue I'm also going to a friends wedding around Furry Migration

I submitted my financial form to ATP but haven't heard back yet.

in the mean time I'm the GM for the Texas Lone Stars Furry Basket Ball association. and I've been busy gming the team, making trades, deciding draft picks Head coaches Ect. it's a lot of fun and I love the team and the characters ansd can't wait to see how this season plays out.

don't know what awaits me next month but. I can't wait to see ^^


RMFC 2013 con report

I got 3 hours before I head out to Denver Airport to head back home. So i figures I'd type a con report.

RMFC 2013, WOW, Just wow! 3rd year in a row I've made it to the mile high city for RMFC this year was Phenominal!

Friday I only had 4 hours of sleep, but it was enough for me to survive the first day of the con. I of course said hi and caught up with folks from Furplanet, Rabbit Valley and Sofawolf and bought books upon books. I attended a few panels too including opening cerimonies and Buck hoppers voice acting workshop. I did a few other things too but I kinda forgot :/.

Saturday was also a blast. Got video of the fursuite parade which I'll post on Youtube when I get home. I went to a couple writting panels and even asked Kyell Gold if he'd be up for being a guest on FraddasCast, which he agreed to. later in the evening I went to Casino night and donated $20 to the charrity and got $400 of free play poker chips and I had fun playing blackjack and eating lolipops.I didn't win anything but, It was a fun evening. I also got a Sketch from Idess which is cool! ^^

Sunday I slept in because of a fun party. then went around and explored the dealers den one more time before FraddasCast. I went to Kyell's panel for about 40 mins then went and got my equipment and soda's for Me, Buck, and Kyell. Iset up and we had an AMAZING Show OMG! I can't wait to edit and post it on Sofurry it is gonna be an episode NO ONE will want to miss. Afterwards It was Bucks ADVACED VOICE ACTING Workshop which was different and good. it felt real! I'll go into detail at a later time if someone asks. I slipped out in the middle for closeing cerimonies which was great! then came back, helped buck pack and finish up then we went out and had an awesome dinner. then I went to Karaoke and did Gimme 3 steps, by lynard skynard, then bohemian rhapsody with Buck and the staff of RMFC, and the Time warp. after that I had a glass of wine, played some pool and called it a night.

All in all Rocky mountian Fur Con was an amazing weekend this year like the past 2 have been. I'm sad it's over, but If things look right, I'll deffinatly try to make it back out again next year!

Rainfurrest plan went belly up

I'm not gonna make it up to Rainfurrest this year. I had a soda spill on my Toshiba Laptop and it damaged the keyboard and more apparently. So I had to dip into my savings to get a new one and that was the funds I was going to use for RF.

Better news, I'll be heading back to Chicago for MFF in November! hopefully I'll have a better experience then last time.

Good news I'm still going to RMFC. I'll be pulling the same travel plan as last year where I arrive a day early and get no sleep, but I should be ok. I am gonna try to bring uriko with me, but I don't know If I'll be able to convince her wicked mother of the west, but I'll try


Sad depressing Travel story.

Now That I've posted the awesome story of the epic time at BLFC, I figured I'd post the downside to my trip.

Starting off at SFO. I went to look at planes land at take off because I'm an Aviation geek...or I'm slowly becoming one. I saw a few boeings and the BEAUTIFUL Airbus A380 Operated by Lufthansa Airlines. and it is indeed a huge plane! To get a better view I went to What I think was the Employee parking garage, I told a few of them what I was doing and they were cool with it. I get to the top of the garage, and I ran into the plate glass window and broke my glasses. sadly it shortened my plans to watch the Lufthansa A380 push back, taxi and take off because I became badly disoriented. Thankfully I didn't break the glass though. My glasses...There hanging on by a single ear piece.

Getting back to greyhound, I stayed within a 4-5 block radius of greyhound and waited till 8pm to get my bags back so I wouldn't get robbed. I didn't get robbed but I did get screwed by greyhound. They charge 4 dollars for 6 hours per bag. Fair enough right? I paid 8 per ($16) bag so I could get 12 hours and my moneys worth without being on ubber high alert. I go up to get my bags, I come to find out I got to pay another 8 dollars more because the lady forgot to write that I paid for 12 hours. I paid my dues though, but I am still fuming over that.

Lastly, I got little to no sleep coming into Reno. My glasses fell twice. once off my face and once out of my jacket pocket. I cannot sleep on a dark buss during the night and not know where my glasses are. It freaked me out and I was not able to find them till we parked at Reno. not fun!

Next time It's air travel for me.


BLFC Con Report.

Just got back From RENO!

I'm going to skip the nasty travel story for today and Say, WHAT A WEEKEND!

I went to Biggest little Fur con in Reno, Nevada, and I must say it was a fun convention for a first year con. The set up was very unique. They had the dealers den, panel rooms and dance floor all inside one HUGE Space! It made it unique for the dealers too because they could see what was going on during the con and could kind of sort of hear panels going on While selling there stuff. It was different but it worked.
FraddasCast went Great with me and Buck! We had a good turn out, and I hope next year will be bigger!

I met a lot of new Furies and saw a few I already knew. The ones I met include StarSeeker Tigress, Gray Coyote, his mate Kaskine, WhyteYote and his mate Tym, and Mara Bellings I met someone from Sacramento but I forgot his name :(. If I met you and for forgot to include you, sorry T.T. Of all I knew, I saw the Rabbit Valley Crew, Graveyard Greg, Buck Hopper, Farllon, Atari Otter, Geo, and Sly.

I bought a but load of comics from Rabbit Valley. Andrew pointed me to a website where I could buy new glasses for a great price, because I broke mine (part of the depressing travel story). I got a commission from Mara Bellings, and bonus sketch because I was awesome (wag)...Ya know scratch that, SHE IS AWESOME! and I also bought a few things from Graveyard Greg too and I promise to send him a well typed troll letter of things I liked in his Profiles comics :P.

As for stuff, I did a lot! a few Highlights; I attended the 2015 party (room number not year). Hung out with Gray Coyote and his mate, Hung out with some amazing furs and met new friends.

Final number Broke The record for most attendees at a first year furry con, and next years 1980's theme is Going to be awesome, and I'll Totally be back next year.


Plays, Cons, and Monsters

So last weekend was the final weekend of te play I was in. I gotta admit it feels good to have my saturday mornings back again, but I miss the cast. the Kids always made me laugh and one of them is my "Pokemon buddy" Since he and I play the Pokemon DS games, and are looking forward to X and Y. I do have exciting news though, My former Director, John Eliot asked me if I'd be interested in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, which he's directing. I Plan on it but there may be a conflict with RMFC, but I'll talk with him about it when the day draws closer.

Speaking of conventions, BLFC is a go. I'll be visiting my my wolf in June up in Oregon. RMFC is a a go too, Need to pre reg. and I'll be at Raifurrest this year For the first time. I had FAU as a possibility but I'm not sure I'm ready to go to jersey this year.

My main reason is, I study crytpozoology in my spare time and There is a Legend in New Jersey about a Cryptid creature in the New Jersey Pine Barrens called the Jersey/Leeds Devil. I'm not talking about the hokeyt team mind you. the legends dates back to colonial times when Mother Leeds Cursed her 13 child during birth and it became this Grotesque looking thing that has the head and body of a horse, Horns, bat like wings and a serpintine tail. It may seem like an old urban legend, but there is a strong possiblity that it might be real. Nepoleons brother saw it while hunting in the Barrens, and the first week of january 1907 "Phenominal week" there were thousands of sightings of the creathure in three states. Also, there have been documented sightings of the creature to this very day by those who live near the barrens or in Jersey. I've read alot of the reports, I've seen the lost tapes episode and have had nightmares about going to jersey for FAU and have it hover outside my window, and I'd rather notface that nightmare.



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